Welcome to Hack VC

A venture capital firm focused on early-stage startups

Paying it forward to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams

How we're different

We exist to serve you, the entrepreneur. And we've been in your shoes -- having built, acquired, and sold several companies. We're able to advise you in most areas of running a company, and specialize in asking the right questions to help you navigate blind-spots.

Additionally, most startups have challenges hiring engineers, and we can help solve that via hack.summit(), the world's largest programming event, that we manage, with a community of 150k+ members. For technical startups, we can help with distribution of your API, service, or blockchain via this community.

About our leadership

Ed Roman, Managing Director

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Tom Chi, Partner

Creator of Google Glass

Kevin Rowney, Partner

Founder of Vontu

Josh Stevens, Partner

Serial entrepreneur and recent CEO of Keas


Matt Bigge, Crosslink Capital

Salil Deshpande, Bain Capital Ventures

Steve Hoffman, Founders Space

Want to invest in our startups?

Hack VC manages several AngelList syndicates. These syndicates can be leveraged to provide additional value-add to startups via smart angel capital.

This includes an Open Source Syndicate, an Enterprise Security Syndicate, and a General-Purpose Syndicate. Click here to learn more and get involved.

What we look for

Our focus is generally on enterprise SaaS, marketplaces, blockchain, and software infrastructure. With that said, we'll always consider a great team solving a deep problem in a large market, regardless of sector.

Startups we are shareholders in include: